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28.05.2015 | 2 min read.

One TV service to rule them all?

Staffan Granholm

Graphic displaying tv with multiple image options

Why is my TV bench still stacked with set-top-boxes even though I own a pretty new SmartTV? With more and more online streaming services, it has never been easier to watch good quality movies and TV. The problem, though, is that you have to go to different places for different types of content. I use Netflix, CableTV, WebTV and OTT services for different types of content. To make matters worse, I have to use different devices to access different types of content. So I’m thinking, maybe the role of many TV service providers will have to change. To stay the primary TV provider to subscribers, it will no longer be sufficient to just deliver the content. Successful providers will have to make sure their subscribers can access other services and content through the same platform. Leading service providers should aim to become leading service enablers as well. Luckily, the task of integrating different services into one integrated user experience is not as hard as it used to be. With the right platform, it is easy to launch external applications and services from modern SmartTVs, like my pretty new one, and next generation set-top-boxes. Therefore, with appropriate partnerships in place, TV service providers will not only be making money from the content they deliver, but also from the content that subscribers watch through the services of those partners. The cool part is that at the same time, by providing a unified user experience on one device, providers will also have solved their customers' frustration with service and device fragmentation. And then finally, I might get a tidy TV bench.

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